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Hryanskim (b. 1994) is an artist born in Syracuse, NY and raised in Seoul, South Korea. He graduated with B.F.A. in Illustration from the School of Visual Arts in New York City.

There is a particular visual that has always caught my attention: a concrete structure partially overtaken by vegetation. To me it represents a balance between two polar opposites. On one hand there is geometry, precision, and order; this being the man-made structure. On the other hand there is the wild, untamed vegetation that is finding its place around the structure. There is beauty to be found on lovers of either side. The two opposing elements hold strong in their own way while allowing the other to still maintain integrity.

This idea of juxtaposition is how I approach my work. If something is bright and colorful there must be something grotesque there to catch you off guard. The goal of my work is to find balance between this form of order (structure) and chaos (wildlife).

Selected Exhibitions:

- In Honor of Nature– The Healing Power of ART- Online Exhibition- 2021

- Surreal Salon 10- Baton Rouge Gallery- Baton Rouge, LA- 2018

- Good Medicine– Van Der Plas Gallery- New York, NY- 2017

- Murmurs From The Planet Earth- SVA Chelsea Gallery- New York, NY- 2017

SVA x Creativebloch– Creativebloch Art Gallery- Brooklyn, NY- 2017

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